Architects of the New Paradigm Conference Series

Mind Gaming: Accessing Advanced States of Creativity and Innovation

Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center Seattle-Bellevue
6th-Anual ANP Conference Seattle – March 21 – 22, 2020

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Mind Gaming: Accessing Advanced States of Creativity and Innovation

Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center Seattle-Bellevue
6th-Anual ANP Conference Seattle – March 21 – 22, 2020

Register NowSpeakers

Mind Gaming: Accessing Advanced States of Creativity and Innovation

Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center Seattle-Bellevue
6th-Anual ANP Conference Seattle – March 21 – 22, 2020

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The old ways aren’t working.
Together we have the power to create a new paradigm.


Is your work life aligned with your values? Are you living your full expression? Using science, technology, and the wisdom of ancient cultures, we can manifest sustainable solutions to the world’s toughest challenges.


This focused, immersive and intimate weekend is a step into the new paradigm.

ANP’s signature format supports community and connection.

Benefit from the insights shared in this interactive, inclusive, and paradigm-shifting environment.

Create Innovative Solutions

  • Activate new ways of thinking
  • Connect with thought leaders creating a more regenerative future
  • Create valuable connections with like-minded innovators



  • Dive deep, challenge yourself, and gain new insights and inspiration
  • Step into higher consciousness to catalyze the evolution of your thinking
  • Discover new methods to tap creativity and apply ideas to help our world heal and evolve


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“Since attending, I know I have been profoundly transformed; every day I am learning that this expanding paradigm path is just right for my easy wandering, inquisitive feet. I am breathing new love, new hope for the Life on our planet. I am grateful.”  –Lansing Day

“Excellent, up-to-date material presented by professionals! Thank you all for coming to our fair city! Come back to Vancouver again, please!”  –Phyllis Wiesen

​”The ANP Conference did an amazing job setting a new standard for participatory, think-tank gatherings on critical topics and worldviewing itself.” –Foster Gamble, Creator of THRIVE Movement

Reserve Your Seat Today
Limited to 400 Participants

Saturday – March 21

  • Five 60-minute Multimedia Presentations addressing a range of approaches to stimulate creativity and innovation engaging participants throughout the day.
  • Get inspired by a special 2-hour experiential Keynote Lecture by Dr. William Guillory
  • Buffet Lunch, Dinner, Meet-the-Speakers Cocktail Party & Vendor Area access included.

Sunday -March 22

  • Choose from six 90-minute Deep Dive Intensives in two-track format allowing you to customize your experience.
  • Get new ideas and dive deep into stimulating subjects in an intimate environment with the presenters and other audience members.
  • Engaged in a 2-hour participant-involved Solutions Panel to integrate the the 2-day experience.
  • Buffet Lunch & Vendor Area access included.

-Two Full Days: Lectures, Intensives, Panel
-Three Buffet Meals Included
-Meet-the-Speakers Cocktail Party
-Vendors – Free Parking

“I woke up early this morning thinking about [the ANP Conference] and wanted to express gratitude again.  Thinking about a new paradigm where gratitude expression is maximized by all of us.  A world focused on what we are grateful for and letting each other know. Whatever you did to put this together – WOW.  THANK YOU!” –Dr. Joseph Buchman

“The conference was beautifully conceived and organized. I was incredibly informed, uplifted, and inspired by the awesome roster of speakers. Thank you to all who made it happen!” –Terry Ermini

“I have heard nothing but rave reviews about this amazing event!” –Race Hobbs, KGRA Radio


“How Anomalies Can Inspire New Paradigm Technologies” The value of investigating unexplained phenomena exists in the potential to learn something new and useful about the world… MORE

Dolan, MA

Future Tech: Dream or Nightmare?” Like it or not, we are moving into a world dominated by new technologies that are completely transforming human civilization and the human species… MORE


The Final Frontier is in Here: Remote Viewing and How to Unlock the Creative Subconscious as a Doorway to our Great Unknown” There is a world of creativity waiting inside you… MORE

Dr. William

“Higher-Order Creativity, Quantum-Thinking, and Consciousness Exploration” The central intention of this presentation is to provide the opportunity for participants to experience expanded states… MORE

Vieten, Ph.D.

The Art and Science of Imagination” Imagination is the way we understand the past, the way we frame the future, and the way we perceive things that are not in our immediate vicinity. MORE


“Ecosystem of Creativity” If we are to create a new paradigm of reality moving forward, we need to be aware of what ecosystem our creative process is entering into… MORE


“Upgrading the Software of Our Minds” We routinely download new software for our devices and understand that we can’t use it until we install and learn the commands… MORE


Event Emcee, Panel Moderator, and Co-presenter of “Upgrading the Software of Our Minds” with Christopher Harding. Will is the author/co-author of nine published books… MORE

“This was an amazing conference. I loved the ability to be in a room with wonderful people who are looking to build and share with justice and freedom!” –Heather June Levin

“The 2016 ANP Conference had the best panel speaking about the most pertinent global subjects we should all be aware of. I learned a lot from each speaker.” –Monique Lessan

“This conference was the best ever in so many ways!!!” –Fred Burks, Creator of

“The conference gets a huge thumbs up from me. It was a stunning event. A real eye opener into what’s going on behind the curtain.” –Robert Perala

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